Facility Overview

The APT Research Centre works in five main research areas. These are Production Technology, Product Design & Sustainability, Micro and Nano Systems Technology, Advanced Materials Engineering and APT Bio.

Production Technology

Large scale research projects within Production Technology have included those related to:

  • Laser processing
  • EBM: Electro discharge machining
  • Machine automation
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Operations research
  • Supply chain value analysis
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Near Net Shape forming

Product Design & Sustainabality

Extensive research projects within Product Design & Sustainable have included those related to:

  • Efficient production: laser processing; 3DP/AM
  • Efficient products: submersible pumps: Long-life stent design; Long-life rock drills
  • Fabrication of functional, crack-free, multilayer integrated circuits for industrial components
  • High magnetostrictive part fabrication; Solar cells; superstrate texturing & Si QD
  • Energy sensing and Renewable energy

Advanced Materials Engineering

Significant research projects undertaken within Advanced Materials Engineering have included: those related to:

  • Aerospace and automotive
  • Biomedical devices and implants
  • Sports products: polymer, metal, structure
  • Photocurable polymers for 3DP
  • Metal powders for additive manufacturing
  • Nonoallays & nanoorganics
  • Chemical & bio-sensing, functionalisation, catalytic, drug delivery
  • Heat exchange
  • Heat Exchange under product design and sustainability.

Micro/Nano Systems Technology

Comprehensive research projects within Micro/Nano Systems Technology have included those related to:

  • Micro-Total Analysis Systems (μTAS) chip/monolith/sensing design & fabrication
  • Multi-modal separations; biological and chemical species: nanoalloy tag agents – target isolation, separation, and identification
  • Laser modification for defined functionality; transmission/absorption, shape, phase structure
  • Laser ablation for nanoparticle production.


Diverse research projects within the APT Bio focus area have included those related to:

  • Microbial bioprocessing process development
  • Biomass probe development
  • Nanoparticle generation for bio-sensing
  • Biomaterial product testing and development
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Healthy living systems
  • Biomechanics analysis for injury reduction/optimised rehabilitation