Molecular writing for nanoscale data storage

Project Description

In this project we addressed the issue of data storage at the molecular level.  The approach adopted was to synthesise redox-active molecules based on a porphyrin structure. These molecules were attached to a surface through molecular linker chains. The molecular substrates were characterised by scanning tunnelling microscopy/spectroscopy (STM). By varying the potential of the STM tip the neutral molecule will be oxidised or reduced producing an electronic contrast between charged and uncharged molecules. This contrast was be detected by the STM probe which therefore acts as both the read and write device.

Internal Collaborators

Tony Cafolla, Mary Pryce

External Collaborators

Dr. Alexi Preobrajenski, Lund University Sweden
Prof Mathias Senge, Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Iggy McGovern, Trinity College Dublin

Funding Body

Science Foundation Ireland