Laser surface nitriding for increase high toughness steel component longevity

Project Description

Laser nitriding is a novel method of nitriding where the surface is heated locally by a laser, either in an atmosphere of nitrogen or with a jet of nitrogen delivered to the laser heated site. It combines the benefits of laser modification with those of nitriding.

This project will optimise the laser nitriding process parameters so as to improve the hardness and wear resistance of industrial partner components, giving an improvement in the lifetime of the part, and more reliable lifetimes, leading to less unexpected failure of the part while in use.

Expected Outcomes

  • Development of a laser nitriding process parameters to provide a process map which will allow optimum surface micro-structure for highest levels of wear resistance
  • Production of improved (longer and more defined) steel drill head lifetimes which are less prone to premature failure

Internal Collaborators

Dermot Brabazon, David Culliton, Ibrahim Abobaker, and Muhannad Obeidi

External Collaborators

Funding Body

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership