Micro-photochemistry – a New Resources-Efficient R&D Approach

Project Description

This project Flow Photochemistry – A GREEN technology with a bright future has allowed for the creation of new technologies that not only addresses environmental needs by reducing water & energy requirements , but also offers a chemical manufacturer substantial process cost savings and improved product yield outputs potentially leading to higher profit margins – a truly “WIN – WIN” situation! The new technology developed in this project makes photochemistry a far more attractive and GREEN tool since there is no longer a need for:

  1. high energy lamps;
  2. water as a coolant is eliminated and
  3. high atom efficiency is guaranteed thereby reducing waste by-products – All three of these achievements are in line with the policy outlined in flagship Europe 2020 and the EPA 2020 Vision document.

Internal Collaborators

External Collaborators

Mirek Macka, Michael Oelglemoeller

Funding Body

EPA Strive Programme