Miniature capillary systems in macro-scaled transparent media for HPLC

Project Description

This project is focussed on the fabrication of microfluidic structures via the mask projection micro-stereolithography (MPSL) 3D printing technique and fabrication of high pressure fittings via this technique for applications in HPLC. A number of 3D printed separation media have been explored and optical and electrochemical detection elements have been integrated on-chip. A silica-based solid phase extraction column and protocol for pretreatment of nucleic acids was fabricated and tested using this technique. Future work will include the introduction of mobile phase separation materials to the high pressure microfluidic chip for separation of alkyl-benzenes. This will be coupled with optical and electrochemical detection elements previously developed. In addition, a new processing method based on an optical absorption model to enable improved feature resolution and reproducibility of internal microfluidic channels produced via MPSL is under development and will be used in the production of these devices.

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