Yan Delauré


Yan Delauré is a lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland. He conducted his doctoral research on the hydrodynamics of Ocean Wave Energy Converters and received his PhD from the National University of Ireland, University College Cork in 2001. Before joining DCU, he worked for a period of five years as a research engineer at the Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre in Cork until 2001 and held a one year post-doctoral research position at Trinity College Dublin in 2002.

Research Expertise

His research interests includes computational fluid dynamics of multiphase flows and fluid structure interactions. He has been developing novel solutions for the study of unconventional thermo-fluid systems for both fundamental and target research. He has been working with both Irish based and international industrial partners and has received funding from a broad range national and non-exchequer sources. He specialises in the study of liquid flow including flow of mixtures of dispersed solid or gas particles and larger bubble for the study of processes found in nature or in water treatment applications in general. Most of his work focuses on computational modelling but he has also established a specialised experimental lab for the study of fluid structure interaction and particle transport and mixing.

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