Mohammad Saffari


Dr. Mohammad Saffari, an Assistant Professor at Dublin City University, specializes in smart and energy-efficient buildings and energy systems technologies, focusing on sustainable buildings and renewable energy. Utilizing simulation and optimization methods, his research evaluates the energy-saving potential of thermal energy storage (TES) materials and renewable systems to enhance sustainability. Dr. Saffari’s extensive multidisciplinary experience in building and renewable energy research, cultivated through collaborations across Spain, Germany, Australia, and Ireland, enriches his expertise.

Prior to joining Dublin City University, Dr. Saffari held significant roles in prominent research institutions, including serving as a senior researcher and engineer at the Energy Systems Integration Partnership Programme (ESIPP) at the University College Dublin (UCD) Energy Institute. He also contributed as an early-stage stage and postdoctoral researcher at the GREiA Research Group in Spain and as a guest research fellow at the Barbara Hardy Institute at the University of South Australia.

Research Expertise

Currently, Dr. Saffari leads research in the HYSTORE Horizon Europe Project, developing and validating novel TES concepts. He also collaborates on the SEAI-funded project, "GEONORM," focusing on unlocking geothermal energy's potential for sustainable energy systems in Ireland. Within GEONORM, Dr. Saffari's research involves modeling and optimizing multi-carrier energy systems, integrating building physics simulations and data analytics and AI for efficient energy management.