Konstantinos Gkrintzalis


Assist. Prof Gkrintzalis a biologist with significant expertise in Redox Biology and its applications in Biosciences. His postgraduate research focused on sclerotial metamorphosis of filamentous fungi in relation to oxidative stress. In 2014 he joined as a postdoctoral fellow the Laboratory of Cellular, Nutritional and Toxicological Biochemistry of the Université catholique de Louvain. Following, from 2016 he was a research fellow at the University of Birmingham, working on Environmental Metabolomics in Ecotoxicology. Since 2017, he is an Assistant Professor in the School of Biotechnology in DCU.

Research Expertise

Dr. Gkrintzalis focus in Biochemistry by training. He developed novel biochemical methodologies for biomarkers of oxidative stress and specifically for the quantification of protein and lipid peroxidation, DNA fragmentation, thiol redox state, reactive oxygen species, and two ultrasensitive protocols for the quantification of proteins. He has participated in several collaborations among different fields of research. Specifically, in a collaboration with the astrogeophysicist Dr. Christopher P. McKay (from NASA Ames Research Center). He studied the formation of life-inhibiting oxidants in Mars-like analogue desserts and developed biochemical methods useful for planetary research. He has participated in diverse research projects such as: (a) mussels used as bioindicators for environmental pollution, (b) an animal model for ischemia/reperfusion injury, (c) the assessment of anticancer drugs on genetic damages in human cell cultures, (d) the process of neurodegeneration and ageing of mice, and (e) an animal models and human samples for obstructive jaundice. His research focused on the mechanisms of cytotoxicity of silver nanoparticles on human intestinal cells and the protective effects of phenolic antioxidants.

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