John Geraghty


Dr Geraghty joined the School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University on the 6th of January 2003 as a lecturer in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. He undertook his Masters (by Research) and PhD theses at the Enterprise Research Centre, University of Limerick, Ireland under the supervision of Dr. Cathal Heavey. For his Master’s thesis he carried out research into the application of order release mechanisms, such as CONWIP, Starvation Avoidance and Drum-Buffer-Rope to batch production flow-shop environments. For his PhD thesis he conducted research into the comparative performances of several production control strategies, such as Kanban, CONWIP and Hybrid Kanban-CONWIP, for parallel/serial transfer lines in the presence of uncertainty in customer demand.

Research Expertise

John’s research expertise include Modelling and Optimisation of Manufacturing Systems, Supply-Chain Management, Lean and Agile Manufacturing, Design of Efficient Production Control Strategies, and Quality Management Systems. He lectures modules in Product Sustainable Systems/Energy, Research Practice & Methodology, Operations Research Methods and Manufacturing Systems Simulation.

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