Greg Foley


Dr. Greg Foley has BE and PhD degrees from UCD and an MS degree from Cornell University. He is a senior lecturer in the School of Biotechnology and is currently the Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Science and Health. He is a chemical engineer and his main area of technical expertise is membrane technology. He is the author of Membrane Filtration – A Problem solving approach with MATLAB (Cambridge, 2013) and 37 papers in international journals.

Research Expertise

Greg’s research interests lie mainly in mathematical modelling of membrane processes including microfiltration, ultrafiltration and diafiltration, and increasingly pervaporation. He is also focused on developing novel approaches to chemical engineering computation, especially ones that use special functions like the Exponential Integral and the Lambert W function. He is increasingly interested in the 'softer' aspects of education and have recently done some work in the broad area of interdisciplinarity.

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