Éadaoin Carthy


Éadaoin Carthy is an Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University (DCU). As the Principal Investigator of her research group, her work focuses on the development and application of microfluidic platforms and sensor technologies for point-of-care diagnostics. This encompasses the design of embedded sensors within microfluidic devices for the rapid detection of pathogens, with a particular emphasis on improving clinical diagnostics and enhancing patient care. She is a member of DCU Biodesign, Advanced Processing Technologies (APT), National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) and DCU’s research centre for Decarbonisation, Sustainability and Innovation (DeSI).

Éadaoin’s completed her PhD in 2019 in the School of Chemical Sciences in DCU, focusing on sensors and point-of-care diagnostics. Over the years, she has dedicated her research to advancing the field of microfluidics, contributing to its application in healthcare settings. Her work has led to the co-invention of a novel diagnostic tool leveraging embedded electrochemical sensors within microfluidic platforms for rapid pathogen detection. She has successfully managed numerous high-impact projects, such as the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund grant projects, DCU Education Trust and Horizon EU projects. She is currently a funded investigator with Science Foundation Ireland and CRT-AI projects.