Brian Freeland


Brian Freeland, MSc, is a lecturer in Bioprocess Engineering in the School of Biotechnology, DCU, since 2015. He is also a PI in the Advanced Processing Technology Research Centre. He has a degree in Mechatronic Engineering (2005) and masters in Mechanical with Bioprocessing Engineering (2009). Brian’s main research interests are Nanotechnology, process analytical technology (PAT) and bioprocess automation and control. He is currently pursuing a PhD in process control and optimisation in the field of Nanotechnology. He had worked for several years in the Laboratory of integrated Bioprocessing, DCU where he applied PAT tools to control and optimize microbial and mammalian cultures. In addition to his 5 years in the LIB, he has accumulated several years’ experience working as a process & automation engineer in the biopharmaceutical and sensor industries.

Research Expertise

Brian’s main research interests include the application of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools to understand and control complex systems including microbial Bioprocesses & nano-fabrication (Pulsed laser ablation); Utilizing On-line spectroscopy, Biocalorimetry, Gas Analysis, soft-sensors, soft sensors and industrial automation to enact process change. He has years industrial experience in industrial automation; NI LabVIEW, Beckhoff automation and vision systems.