Aoife Morrin


Dr. Morrin works in the field of electroanalytical device development for environmental and biomedical sensing applications and has published 42 research papers and 3 book chapters in fields ranging from electrochemical biosensing to novel nanomaterials. She is an academic member of the National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR). Her expertise is in developing and studying functional (and stimuli-responsive) materials with improved performances due, for example, to nanostructuring, compositing or printing as functional inks. Integration of these materials into microfluidic platforms for electroanalytical applications including bio- and immuno-sensing and chromatography are of interest.

Research Expertise

Aoife currently holds a Career Development Award from SFI worth 0.5 million Euro to develop research in the area of skin diagnostics. Moreover, she has extensive experience in managing projects being Principle Investigator in a number of national and international grants (over €2 million in total) and is involved in research with industry through the IRC-employment-based postgraduate programme with T.E. laboratories, a former European consortium based project and contract research with Abbott Diagnostics® (Ireland). Her research interests include electroanalytical devices for environmental and biomedical sensing applications, Developing stimuli-responsive materials with tailored responses and high performances, Fabrication of electro-responsive nanostructures for use as dynamic chromatographic phases, sensing and drug delivery and epidermal sensing.

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