New Microbial Processing Facility Inauguration May 29th 2019

Congratulations to APT Member Brian Freeland, one of the driving forces behind the development of the new Microbial Bioprocessing facility which opened at Dublin City University on Wednesday, May 29th. This facility focusing on innovations in food, agri-food and drug production.

The aim of the facility is to act as an innovation hub for microbial bioprocessing and to give students and staff access to the most industrially relevant equipment and processes.

The facility was part of a DCU/European Investment Bank €400k investment to the School of Biotechnology and contains a full bench-top to pilot-scale microbial bioprocessing development equipment including bioreactors, brewing systems, on-line advanced monitoring tools, industrial separation systems, and advanced chromatography systems.

This will facilitate its unique ability to provide scale-up and scale-down studies by applying process engineering to monitor and control processes from 1.5 L to 130 L pilot productions.