Congratulations on recent funding awards

EU-Erasmus+ was awarded to APT researchers Dr James G. Carton and Dr. Anne Morrissey, to develop an openly accessible modular training course focused on the subject of innovation and creativity that will encourage future engineers to understand the value and relevance of these skills and competencies within their studies and careers Talks and training – value €63,000.

Renewable Modelling

APT Researcher Dr James G. Carton awarded with Prof Barry McMullin & SEAI – developing a study on the Role of Heterogenous Energy Storage in Paris-Aligned Scenarios for the Irish Energy System – value €101,866

APT Researcher Dr James G. Carton awarded with two industrial partners ABOWind & MullinGrid – Identifying the relative and combined impact and importance of a range of curtailment mitigation options on high RES-E systems in 2030 & 2040 – value €50,000