APT Photo Competition

APT are happy to announce the winners of our first Research Photo Competition. The competition was open to all APT members including PIs, postdocs, postgrads and research staff. The prizes consisted of €300 for 1st, €200 for 2nd and €100 for 3rd place. Competition entries included: a high resolution image and a document, which included an image title and maximum half page image description. The entries were independently judged and the winners chosen based 50% on the image and 50% on the description of what the image is and how it was achieved.

Cian Hughes, a Ph.D. student in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (supervisor Prof. Dermot Brabazon) was chosen as the winner of the competition with his photo entitled “Forest of Gold”. The image shows microscopic, tree-like features made of nanostructured gold. It was created using scanning electron microscopy as part of Cian’s research into new ways of making biosensors. The tiny golden “trees” in the image are useful for this because their high surface area is ideal for making more sensitive sensors. The structures themselves were grown directly on their glass backing from a condensing cloud of ionised gold atoms produced using a common industrial laser in normal, atmospheric conditions. As a result they are cheap to produce, and could be a significant step towards making the benefits of modern nanotechnology affordable to the average person.

Second place was awarded to Paul O’Neill, for his photo entitled “Buckminsterfullerene-fluidics” and third place went to Sean Kelly for his photo entitled “’Aurora’ on demand”.

Many congratulations to all our winners and also many thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, it was a tough decision and we hope you’ll try again next year.